Chicago Corporate Event Band

Chicago Corporate Event Band

One of Chicago’s Best Choices for Versatile Corporate Event Entertainment

Fun, Energetic, and Classy

Music for corporate events doesn’t have to be stiff. It doesn’t require 15 musicians on a stage playing arrangements that serve the band, but not the song. And you don’t have to resort to hiring a “tribute band” that plays a narrow selection of music that guests will tire of after the first hour. FANTASIA will provide a fun, but classy performance for you and your guests with energy and variety to please everyone. We have worked many different types of venues and will help you coordinate logistics to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Questions that clients frequently ask:

How many members are in the band and what instruments do they play?
There are 6 musicians (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, trumpet+flugelhorn, sax+flute). Four members are vocalists (3 male, 1 female).

Will the musicians and vocalists on your demo be the same for my event?
We have had the same personnel since 2002. Occasionally, we must have an experienced musician rehearse with the band and then perform with us. The lead vocalists will be those you hear on the demo.

How many breaks does the band take?
Typically two 15 minute breaks during 3 dance sets. We work out the timing and flow of events with you a few weeks before the event.

What do you play during breaks?
We will play our iPod with your preselected break music.

Can you Emcee & learn our first dances?
Yes! It’s complimentary!

What is your pricing based on?
Our pricing is based on the date, location and length of performance.

How do we reserve our date with you?
A signed contract from us with deposit will secure your date with us. The balance will be due the evening of your event.

Can we meet with you in person?
Absolutely. We love to answer questions to help you select the best entertainment for your special day.

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